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Hello, I hope you all had a great day, I’ve been MIA bah? I know *covers face*. It was for a good cause. So, I was at one of my events and a lady by the name Banke walked up to me and introduced herself as one of my avid readers on my blog… I was so excited to meet her. She then asked me some questions as regards her best friend’s Bridal Shower coming up very soon. So, I thought to write about planning a bridal shower so everyone can benefit from it.

First and foremost, Bridal showers are usually surprise/gifts giving party thrown for the bride by her friends, Brides are not usually responsible for their shower… they shouldn’t be under any pressure whatsoever! They should be given the best treatment of their lives as the essence of a bridal shower is to send the bride forth into marriage. The bride’s friends are usually collectively responsible for a bridal shower but the maid of honour is solely responsible. Their job is to organize every single detail right down to the Decoration, Food, Drinks, Games, Number and kind of guests.

Guests should include only friends and family so it’s typically a small party (abeg, don’t go and bring gbogbo ero (plenty people) Most times, the bride’s best friend or sister is usually her Maid of Honour. So, she is expected to know the kind of people the bride would want to see at her bridal shower and almost exactly how she would want her bridal shower to seem. (She’s supposed to be her best friend/sister right?) *squints eyes*

Secondly, a bridal party remains bare and boring without the right games. It’s the beauty of making the bride the centre of attraction *evil grin*. There are several games and activities one can explore in a bridal shower e.g,

‘I Knew Her When: To start things off, ask each person to introduce herself and explain how she met the bride and what her first memories of her are. This breaks the ice — and establishes the Bride as the centre of attention.

How Well Do You Know the Bride (or Couple): Ask guests 20 questions about the bride, from where she was born to how she met the groom. Or ask 20 questions about the couple, from where they went on their first date to how they got engaged. Award a small prize to whoever gets the most right.

That’s My Honey’s Knee: This is a game for a coed shower attended by a saucier crowd (in other words, you may want to skip this one if the bride’s grandmother is a guest. LOL! ). Ask the bride to leave the room. Then have all the male guests and the groom sit in a row and roll up their pant legs to the knee. Bring the bride back in, blindfolded, and ask her to identify which leg is her honey’s based on feel alone. It’s not as easy as it looks! *wide grin*

Recipe for a Happy Marriage: Ask guests to write their best advice on how to make love last on an index card, then put them in a recipe box she can use for years to come — both to plan meals and refer back to guests’ words of wisdom.

You can also have her friends send a favorite photo of themselves with the bride (the older the photo, the better) and a note/advice they’ll like her to remember while you compile them all in a photo album where the picture is on one side of the leaf and their advice on the other. So, the bride gets to keep the fun memory alongside her friends most treasured words.Thirdly, the main purpose of a bridal shower is to ’shower’ the bride with gifts. Please, NEVER GO FOR A BRIDAL SHOWER EMPTY HANDED!!! You must take a gift for the bride even if it’s a box of matches (errr, not exactly that but duh!) *pouts*. In the olden days, the gifts given to the bride were usually new household items that the newlyweds will need to begin their life together. Fine china, teapots, silverware, toasters, linens, picture frames, vases and wine glasses are some of the traditional gifts presented to the bride at her shower. But in modern times, The bride receives gifts like Lingerie’s, under wears, designer perfumes, evening dresses, shoes and jewelries.

So, that’s it Banke! i hope you find this article very useful. We also plan bridal showers so feel free to contact us for breathtaking bridal showers! *winks*

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